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What makes us different to the big stores? Personalized service. We work closely with you to help you choose the right equipment for your needs and ambitions. Purchasing your equipment at Straight Line Archery guaranties correct fitting , you are then invited test you purchase in our indoor range.

Straight Line Archery was recently named, the fastest growing PSE dealership in all of Michigan, and the largest in the Upper Peninsula.We are sincerely grateful to all our customers who helped make this a reality,
We are also very grateful to our  Mathews, Hoyt and Crossbow customers who choose us for their total archery experience.
Custom arrows are available, with special orders having a very short turn around time.
Custom stringsare also available. We offer  many color and string material combinations, all strings made are of the highest quality.

Maintenance:Our highly experienced staff provide expertise second to none when dealing with all our clientele’s equipment.  We provide full bow and arrow tune-ups, along with standard service and maintenance work .

Shooting Ranges:Our 20 yard indoor range offers archers a safe, secure place to test their equipment. Our indoor leagues are very popular with both the target archer and hunter, with leagues being offered on most week nights during winter months.

Professional Coaching: Straight Line Archery's excellent coaching facilities will soon  be further enhanced by the introduction of our new, state of the art "Online Coaching" format. Technical  support and coaching will be available on line. Randall Wellings (Australia), a NFAA Master Coach holding accreditation within numerous International Associations is available to provide assistance in all forms of archery, with a specialty towards the "technical" aspects of competitive archery.
Please check back soon to view this addition to our services.

Technical Support :Our staff are highly trained professionals, totally dedicated to providing "complete" service and support to our archery community. 

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