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Randall hunting Sambar in Oz

Staying with Brett and Lauren Horwood on the soon to be animal filled, weekend Farm B&B retreat. Bonnie the Clydesdale, three miniature Shetlands, four Highland bovines, wild ducks and a herd of Angus walking steaks.

Each morning when I looked out the window, I had to keep telling myself “this could be Scotland."

Soon to be added, a miniature donkey, yeh, why not.

Anyway, back to my hunt.

First two weeks were wet, wet wet…so, with nothing on, I decided to build target butts instead..

The rain had sort of cleared, so I went off for a very early morning hike....

Sitting on a little stool and leaning against a great big stringy bark tree, I felt I would be in an ideal position…turns out that the Angus cattle liked the tree as well.

First bit of sunlight started to peek though the bush and the fog started to lift...

Great, I really stepped in it, so to speak.

The fresh dawn light revealed that my foot was sitting plumb centre of a really fresh cow pie. I am so glad that the bow didn’t end up in it..

Lot of fog came in... after a few hours, I started to work my way along the hills overlooking the creek...

Nothing showing today, there is plenty of good cover for these elusive animals, but they had left good rubs and signs of plenty of movement... Guess you can say "they were a step ahead of me today"... Camo'ed Fanatic 3 fits the part...

Maybe tomorrow, I'll get to use it. Awesome fun nevertheless.

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